Sep. 18, 2018

No Escape Full Movie In Hindi Download

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A soldier convicted for murdering his commanding officer is dumped and left to die on a prison island inhabited by two camps of convicts.

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original title: No Escape

genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller

duration: 1h 58min

tags: No guards. No walls. No escape.

budget: $20,000,000

keywords: island, prisoner, exsoldier, prison, convict, escape, village, savage, future, helicopter, imprisonment, impalement, fallingtoone'sdeath, deathbyimpalement, cannibalism, psychoticvillain, longhairedma















































In the not-too-distant future, Capt. J.T. Robbins (Liotta) is sent to prison for killing his superior. The corporately (and corruptly) run prison causes Robbins to rebel against the Warden (Lerner). His rebellion only gets him sent to the most maximum security facility there is - Absolom. The worst hardcore criminals are just dumped onto the island Absolom to live or die as they can. The island is patrolled by heavily armed helicopters and fenced by impenetrable sea defenses. Two different societies have formed over the years; an evil 'empire' run by Walter Marek (Wilson) that is conflicting with the other, more pacific, group run by The Father (Henriksen). Resources are kept scarce by the warden as a game to keep the population down by destroying themselves. Who will our hardcore Captain fit in with the best? Can anyone escape from Absolom? Robbins is sentenced to prison for the assassination of his general officer, a prison you leave only when you die. Since nobody ever leaves the prison, nobody knows what the prison is like. The prison manager realizes this and buys himself an island playground called "Absolom," where the worst prisoners are free to create an isolated barbaric society, and where the strongest men rule...a living hell. Robbins is sent to Absolom after he almost kills the prison manager. Decent enough action flick about a futuristic island penal colony that no one has ever escaped - enter murderer Robbins (Ray Liotta) who manages to break all the rules and band together with a group of fellow escapees (Kevin Dillon and Lance Henriksen). Together they try to leave the island but find themselves faced with no escape, hence the title of the film.

Ray Liotta ("Goodfellas") is quite good in the action hero role - one that might usually be reserved for a Schwarzenegger or Stallone. But the real flaw of the film lies in the long sequences in between the good escape sequences and action sets - such as all the extremely unbelievable, plot-driven, corny dialogue.

Dillon (Bunny from "Platoon" and Matt's brother) is OK but his character isn't quite as "cool" as the filmmakers think he is. Henriksen ("Aliens") is good as usual but really the film comes down to Liotta's performance. It drives the movie forward but I can't really say it's anything tremendously special.

3/5 stars.

  • John Ulmer
There was a spate of movies which centred around people wrongly banged up in escape-proof prisons in some sort of alternate reality quasi-sci-fi setting. In this case, the prison is on an island, and those sent there have split into two groups. One group, the goodies, simply wants to mind its own business and get on with the job of surviving. The other group, the baddies, is savage and warlike and wants to persecute / steal from - wipe out the first group.

Shenanigans ensue.

This is tosh, but entertaining tosh. Production values are high, there is loads of action, decent performances from a high profile case, treachery when you least expect it from someone from whom you least expect it (or perhaps you do), a performance of eye-rolling pantomime villainy from Stuart Wilson, and satisfying payoffs when you want them.

Good fun. In the British BBFC 15 Version one shot involving Marek's death has been cut.: the infamous impaling scene. Robbins led an helicopter assault on a village. His commanding officer ordered Robbins to slay the villagers, mostly innocent women and children. Robbins commanding officer and the US military had decided to cover up the deaths of the women and children and Robbins was given a medal. But, Robbins was outraged about the cover up and the innocent people his commander officer ordered him to kill and he assassinated his commanding officer. But, when Robbins faced court martial. Robbins tried to justify his actions and expose the truth about what really happened to the innocent people. But nobody listened and didn't care about the truth and Robbins had been found guilty and convicted of homicide in the first degree. Robbins escape from the other maximum security prison and his reason for wanting to escape from Absolom, is because he can no longer live with what he did and he wants to tell someone the real story of what happened to those people and he feels he owe it to the people he killed. Robbins and Hawkins discover King is the suspected spy whom is working for The Warden, when they discover King's holy medallion in the palm of Dysart's hand and that King destroyed the boat and murdered Dysart and Robbins threatens King to help them construct a new boat. But, King tells them that The Warden is on his way to Absolom. As Robbins leaves The Compound with King Killian, Stephano and some other Insiders and that Robbins tells Hawkins that he is now The Insider's leader and that The Father had told him to leave go to the authorities about Absolom. The Warden's helicopter lands and armed guards secure the area and pick up King. But, the guards are killed and Robbins and the Insiders hijack the helicopter and Robbins throws The Warden off the helicopter and the helicopter takes off and Robbins escapes from Absolom and The Warden and King whom have been left behind on Absolom, are left at the mercy of the Outsiders in the jungle, whom are closing in on them.


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